Welcome to Sauda Backcountry Challenge - a freeride event in the Norway Freeride Cup and a Freeride World Qualifier event - with a little "twist"!

What differs Sauda BCC from other freeride events you ask?

The qualification face is prepared with 4-6 backcountry kickers/prepared exit points where riders can improve their total score by performing tricks, true to the original concept of uniting freeskiing, freestyle snowboarding and freeriding.

The competition is executed as a two day event. The first day is the qualification which is normally held at the mountain called ‘Ravnafjell’. A selection of riders is then approved for finals day based on the qualification.

‘Varanuten’ is normally the venue for the finals - a pure big mountain face with no preparations.

Welcome to what some say is the ‘happiest freeride event around’ - the Sauda BCC!

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